MBTA Bikes and Transit Committee

The MBTA Bikes and Transit Committee was begun in spring 2001 and is continuing the work MassBike and its predecessors have been doing with the MBTA for 16 years. The committee meets four to six times per year to assist the MBTA plan and implement programs and facilities to encourage bikes and transit to complement each other. Community representatives from geographically dispersed communities meet with MBTA representatives from Planning, Operations, Commuter Rail, and other divisions as needed.

The committee's agenda for 2001 was defined in part by the issues identified in the MBTA's three-year "Bikes on the T Enhancement Plan" and was supplemented by pressing needs to address bike parking problems at MBTA stations.

In 2001, the committee and the MBTA will address:

  1. Hours and special restrictions on Bikes on the T program
  2. Bikes on the T education and promotions
  3. Identify a strategy for getting more buses equipped with racks
  4. Identify immediate and long-term solutions on commuter rail to improve bike accommodation
  5. Update bike parking inventory/address immediate parking deficiencies

Steve Woelfel of MBTA Planning heads the committee. His e-mail is swoelfel@mbta.com.

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