Ride to Deer Island
Sunday, July 29, 2012

My eighth annual bike ride to Deer Island went to a part of Boston which most people don't believe you can reach by bike,
traveling through a number of interesting places in Boston and the adjacent communities of Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop.
There are a few new points of interest every year, this year an Australian restaurant in East Boston, which had pies for late morning snacks,
and the rejuvenated (at least partially) Winthrop Greenway.
Chances of rain were high, so attendance was low--not a record, though: in 2003, there were two leaders and one follower,
this year, one leader and two followers. Bret, Lee, and I had a great time, though.
After a concert at Jamaica Pond, the day ended with a very brief but spectacular sunset.

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East Boston

Belle Isle Marsh

Winthrop Greenway

Deer Island


Millers River, Charlestown

Under the Lechmere Trolley

Sunset Over Jamaica Pond