Boston's Stony Brook by Bicycle
Saturday, April 15, 2017

We biked from Roslindale Square up Bellevue Hill to the highest point in Boston and the headwaters
of Stony Brook, the longest tributary of the Charles River in Boston. Following it through
Stony Brook Reservation on a bikepath, we watched it go underground at the edge of the park
and followed the conduit through which it flows across Hyde Park, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain,
Roxbury, and into the Fenway, where it ends in the Muddy River. We followed that stream, which
defines most of the Emerald Necklace, back to its origin in Jamaica Pond, and continued through
Arnold Arboretum back to our start.

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All photos are by Jessica Mink,
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Stony Brook Reservation

Hyde Park

Crane Ledge, Hyde Park

The End of Stony Brook, Fenway

The End of Bussey Brook, Jamaica Plain